Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

About Us & Who We Are

Seeds Of the Heart 
We are a Christian relief organization dedicated to helping men, women and children worldwide develop self-sustaining communities that promote their economic and emotional welfare. We accomplish this through on-site and long distance spiritual training of Christian and lay leaders. They are assisted in establishing churches and home church ministries that effectively reach indigenous populations. Through our on-going support, these leaders are enabled to develop economic, educational and healthcare programs for enfranchisement of less fortunate citizens around the globe, without regard to religion, ethnicity, race or gender.

What We Do

We Find & Fund

Deserving and needy young people, widows and orphans, domestically and internationally.
Through cooperative ventures we’ve established orphanages, mentoring programs, financial aid
to churches and pastors in Kenya and India

We Strengthen

Financial literacy and credit repair training

We Consult

Foreign transcript translation assistance for U.S. education credits

We Provide Care

Advocacy for educational, social and legal representation

We Educate

Education and skills training programs designed to develop life empowerment skills

We Build

Building Resources for Self-Sufficiency Program for Mothers